Topic outline

  • General

  • Part 1. Introduction & refresher: De Facto Framework

    Before you can start this training, you need some basic knowledge. We suggest that you review quickly the foundations of De Facto which are needed for this advanced level course. Here you will find strctured links to the relevant pages from De Facto's website, and additional interactive resources developed by NTCenter which will help you feel more confident in working with the subject matter. Also note the video resources designed for this course.
  • Part 2. The case studies

    Discover the case studies prepared by the project partners. This will provide you with ideas on what and how to use in your classes and will hopefully inspire you to make your own case study.

  • Part 3. How to make your own case study

    Here you will find the criteria for choosing an interesting topic and the methodology to create your own case study.

  • Hands-on: Become a Master of Cognitive Pillars!

  • Additional & insightful resources